Installation Experts

Be Ours!

While you were receiving candy and flowers, our technicians were perfecting their installation skills. Actually, they did get some valentines day gifts but they were also practicing installs. Our company has implemented a new training exercise here at the main office. That exercise will include various problems that our techs may come across while on the job. The game plan is to strengthen the skills they currently have and at the same time help them to develop new ones necessary in their field.


Staying On Top…

Our technicians are going to need to be able to correctly troubleshoot problems they find in the exercise in a timely manner. In the future, Firetronics plans on implementing this exercise in all departments. One training exercise will have fire alarm installation aspects incorporated with fire sprinkler installation. This will help improve the troubleshooting skills of the technician as it adds another level of complexity. There will be two additional separate exercises for fire alarm and fire sprinkler. Another strictly for access control applications such as key-less entry and the networking that is required to go with it. A final training exercise for the fire extinguisher department will help keep them on their toes when servicing different equipment.


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